She twisted her ankle yesterday on the way home. She told me when I called last night, this is one of the moments when I want to change the living arrangements, stat. Not a lot I could have done about the swelling, but being there would have made both of us happier.

Finally decided to go to the doctor’s again. The stupid cough hasn’t stopped, and it’s been 2 months. We ran into each other — she was going back to the office after seeing the doctor, and I was on my way to mine. Talk about fate! What are the odds of that happening? I feel good about us.

She’s limping, poor girl. I jokingly offered either my purple crutches or my OAP walking stick, but she declined. She can walk ok, but it looks painful.

Strange that in the space of about half an hour between going to the doctors and coming out, I see like 4 people on crutches. It’s freaky.