phone culture

From Wired.

It’s a dichotomy. Cell phones. On the one hand the manufacturers inundate us with functionalities of their products. Now they come with browsers, cameras, mp3 players, bluetooth and PDA functions. More advanced phones handle email, records and plays videos. What of the future? Next step, it’s broadband-quality access, video conferencing and video streaming.

But, have we forgotten what the basic usage for that machine? To make phone calls and text messages. I was trying to find the time on my phone the other day, and I was frustrated at how deep I had to go into the menu system. And then, some time later, I discovered I don’t have a calculator.

Is it unreasonable to expect a calculator in a cell phone? It’s strange, what we have become used to.

I read about the new service from Vodafone, called Vodafone Simply, where they offer only 2 phones, each with calendar, alarm, calculator, contacts, and that’s it. No camera, no bluetooth, no fancy schmancy gadget-y functions. Just plain phone and clear menu labelling. Apparently it’s aimed at the more mature population who neither want nor is willing to learn all the complex functions of today’s cell phones.

Neat. I say, go for it.