food expo

we visited the food expo today. I had a conference chat with my writing group this morning, which overran, making me late for lunch and slightly irritable. I’m slightly irritable quite often nowadays.

The food expo was held in the large convention centre, and consisted of 2 floors of stalls. It was crowded, like every available walking space was filled with people, progress was slow. I hung onto her like a lifeboat, on one hand not wanting to lose any opportunity for close quarters touching, on the other hand trying very hard not to get claustrophobic and irritated at the crowd. Considering how I hate people and crowds, I think I did okay.

There were a few stalls that offered samples. We tried some, but not all. Tried mainly drinks, like tea and the fruit vinegar. We bought a whole case of the fruit vinegar, cos it’s supposed to be healthy. Bought some snacks, noodles, seaweed. Both ended up laden down with many many bags. Had to sit down on the floor to rest for a while (why floor? cos no chairs.)

I was very very tired. At one point my feet hurt so much I could hardly walk. So we decided to go for foot massage, our usual massagers were not available so we had to get other people. I couldn’t care less, as long as I could prop my feet up. It felt better afterwards.