lazy day

Was supposed to meet family for tea buffet, so I only had a light lunch. Made her eat most of it heehee. Then mum called to say she isn’t feeling well, so let’s not go. I was secretly glad — not cos she’s feeling poorly, but cos I don’t need to go out. Then she called again and said she couldn’t find sis so it’s still on. Sigh, okay. About 5 minutes later, she called again … found sis and it’s off. Okay. 5 minutes later, called again to confirm, yes it’s off. Sigh, alright. Poor mum, not feeling well.

In the middle of all that, I was backing up my PB1 to the external hard disk. PB1 can no longer connect to the internet, I have no idea why. The mp3 backup took 5 hours, but now I can play my music on any machine, it’s worth it.

I’m glad it was a lazy day though, I don’t like going out anymore. Oh, the upside was, we had a nap in the afternoon, we were both tired, it was nice.