relax day 1

Our spa holiday in Macau begins today. One hour away by ferry only, it’s convenient.

Took a taxi to Taipa island and had pork chop in a roll at this famous run-down local place. Had to line up for about half an hour to get it, the rolls are only available from 3pm. Nice taste, but I wonder whether it’s the hype.

Just in time for the spa at our hotel – Mandarin Oriental. We booked a deluxe package and ended up with the similar choices. Started with Ocean Salt body rub that made my skin smooth all over, washed it off in a steam shower, very nice. Then Swedish massage and a deep cleansing facial. Very relaxing, I kept falling asleep.

After the massage we used the jacuzzi and steam room for a bit, before showering and getting ready for dinner.

Went out to a local Portuguese restaurant and ordered sardines, roast pigeon (the restaurant’s speciality), ox tongue and mixed veg. Also a small carafe of sangria — when in a Mediterranean restaurant, do the Mediterranean thing.

Walked around the central square, quite crowded and some of the old shops have been replaced with modern, chain stores. A bit of a shame really.

Not enough taxis, so we took the bus. Went to the Sands casino next to the hotel for a look-see. Mostly baccarat tables, which we don’t understand. Some poker, some roulette, stake per game is too high for us. Played the slot machines for about 10 minutes then we got bored, and decided to head back to our room. It was around 12.30am and I was surprised how late it was. The urge to go back “home” was quite pronounced, compared to when I was still at college, when that hour was early.

The bed was huge, way bigger than mine. I did a run and jump into it, it was fun.