relax day 2

We slept in and didn’t get up till after 10am. I wish I can do that every day, sigh. After the spa yesterday we were given a couple of coupons for complimentary drinks, so we went to the café and had tea (for me) and coffee (for her). Real tea leaves albeit lipton, which I had to abandon after one cup, I like real tea leaves but lipton sucks.

She wanted to go to a buddhist temple to ask for her fortune. Though skeptical at whether someone who is (?) regularly (?) going to doctrine lessons should be asking for fortunes in the temple of another religion, I was happy that the result was excellent. She asked for guidance on career and the outcome is that she is in a good position, with good prospect and people looking out for her. I’m relieved.

It was extremely hot and I was dripping inside, didn’t improve when we got outside and had to walk a way to the bus stop. There we found out that the next bus was in 15 mins time. We lucked out a bit, we found somewhere to sit under shelter, and the supervisor at the bus stop said she’d look out for the bus for us. In the end, I spotted it first!! Yay me! It was a long ride, 35 mins, to the end of another island, but it was worth it. We had lunch at a really famous Portuguese restaurant, Fernando’s, it’s motto is “no airconditioning, no high chairs, no ketchup, but we have food and drink.”

It was already 2pm and still we had to wait, I can’t imagine what it would have been like earlier, or at dinner time. We had chorizo sausages, garlic prawns, whole roasted squid and a green salad. Came with yummy bread that I bought half a dozen of, to the surprise of the waitress who had to ask the manager. I also had, like, 3 bottles of beer, yikes. Hey! It was hot and I was thirsty.

Took the bus back out to town, walked around and bit, bought some custard tarts, then went to take the ferry back.

Funny system with the ferries. They have 4-5 sailings per hour, and when most of the passengers for that sailing had boarded, they let people who have tickets for subsequent sailings on as standby. So the practice is if you bought a ticket for say 8pm, you can turn up at the terminal at 6pm and see if you can get onto the, say 6.30pm. Which is what we did, and we were lucky.

Got home at around 9pm and I was too full from the day to eat dinner.

Sigh. We had a wonderful time, the prospect of going to work tomorrow ……. not keen.