tough day

Tough day at work, project deadline. The aim was to get as many people to participate in an annual evaluation initiative. I ran regional statistics, I ran statistics by country, by business, even name by name. Did a whole lot of manual input, administrator overrides. Overall non-participation rate was under 10% and that is very good.

It was tough, but oddly satisfying. My temper was short though.

The worst part was someone calling me in the late part of the afternoon and wanting me to do something that is completely outside the project. It was distracting, and I was sick of doing that thing. One of the transactions didn’t go through and they were going on and on about it. I pretty much shouted at them to go away cos I don’t have time for them.

Conference call at 8.30pm, and what do I hear? Deadline has been extended till next Tuesday. Blah. No, not bitter, cos that gives me time to get to 100% participation.