all good things

eventually come to an end. Especially since I get into them, having yet again discovered them late in the day.

Belle de Jour is hanging up her weblogging boots (or would that be 4-inch stilettos). It’s one of the frankest diaries out there, and one of the more controversial, with more than its fair share of critics. Though there’s been speculation that it’s all fake, I took the writing at face value and enjoyed it all. I’m just sorry I didn’t come across it earlier, only finding it after reading the Guardian article.

A few days ago I read that psimetis is going on hiatus, may be even permanent hiatus, in order to get back to RL. So, no more Brave Eyes, no more veracity-verse, no more Master Will or Master T or Nazi Buff. And to think that between June and now I must have read Brave Eyes more than 6 times, to learn that there was originally a Part 2 but now it’s probably never going to see light of day. Sigh.

Devastated? May be disappointed. Resigned. But these writers did it all for nothing, no more than an intense interest, and probably a big chunk is for themselves. They don’t owe us readers anything. Zippity zip. We just have to be grateful for what they’ve shared and hope that they can return someday.