long day

Chat conference for the g13 writing project this morning, it’s becoming an exercise in management, to coordinate with two groups, and quite large too. We did the random draw to see who was writing what, and I got #11 out of 12. Many nationalities in the group, the dynamics built up from the current group (everybody returning to the second project) carried over to the next group, which is great.

Mid-morning, and my new fridge arrived! Yay!

Instead of the usual foot massage, I had body massage, cos my back and arms were hurting. And did the massage hurt! There were times when all I could do was tense up and grit my teeth, even though the therapist tells me to relax. She’s good, I’m sure it’ll be better in a few days.

Dinner with my family, I asked her to join too, it’s great. My niece is so cute, she talks a lot now, and was running up to me with her dinosaur cards. Awww.

Afterwards we went for a drink, the place is only so-so in terms of service and quality. Location can’t be beat unfortunately. I didn’t behave too well, she was on the phone / sms about important work stuff and I was bored, I should be more interested.