family round two

Today it’s her family’s turn. Heh. Lunch with her parents at their local restaurant. They have a new helper who was very quiet and didn’t eat a lot.

Then back to their place to pack and stuff. She taught her dad how to use a CD player. Her brother drove over to bring us to his place, and we played mahjong for the rest of the afternoon. Normally I don’t play, in fact the last time I played was so long ago I can’t remember — usually I’d team up with her and play a couple of rounds when she needs to help cook or something. This time I’m a team of one and I got a little bored and frustrated cos I can’t get out of the game.

Everyone else came and we had hotpot dinner, which her mom prepared already. Her mom is so great when it comes to cooking and all things food. I was very full.

Her dad welcomes me a lot, he’s so sweet. He always says things like how glad he is that I can join, cos it’s the whole family now. Have I taken sis’ place? or will I ever be accepted as being “with” her? shrug