It’s already the end of September, but why oh why is it still so hot?! I was standing at the bus-stop this morning and I could feel myself dripping. Literally dripping all over my face and down my chin and onto the concrete. I’ve never been this bad before, this getting very hot all of a sudden.

So stuffy today, and I can even see the pollution. Difficult to breathe, I’ve been on anti-histamine for a week now and just upped the dosage from once a day to twice a day. I remember 18 months in Switzerland and I never had to touch the stuff. Sigh. I need to get out of here.

Looks like it’s gonna rain at the weekend. Why does it always rain at the weekend? In a way I’m glad, cos it’ll get rid of the mugginess and the pollution and the heat. Gee, please get rid of the heat.

I goofed off this afternoon, on an excuse. Ended up watching dvds and tackling my Mount Everest of ironing. Ran my 4th load of laundry this week, by this time tomorrow there’ll be another mountain of ironing, may be Matterhorn sized, cos it’s only one load-worth.

Funny thing, I forgot to have lunch. Then I was in the middle of a bowl of peanuts and have drunk half a cup of tea and the dvd program was still running … I had the strangest urge to vacuum. I didn’t wait till the peanuts, tea or program had finished. I just hit pause and did the vacuuming. Strange.

I think I need to replace the aircon in my room, it’s very loud at night. Last friday it got so loud we had to switch it off and switch the one in the living room on and left the bedroom door open. I was supposed to have replaced that aircon 2 years ago, I guess it’s lasted longer than expected.

The little finger of my left hand hurts. It’s all the typing on keyboards. I’m sure the key arrangements on the laptop is not good for hands.

Sometimes, I feel kinda strange.