Freedom Trap

I’m re-reading Desmond Bagley’s The Freedom Trap. I’ve read it like 30 times over the years, the Bagleys on my shelf date back to the 1980s, he’s clearly my favorite adventure author. A shame that he never achieved fame on par with Alastair Maclean, whom he has been compared with. I love the combination of Running Blind and The Freedom Trap, even though they aren’t exacly sequels, they share a common villain / not-so-innocent bystander.

I remember my sadness when I heard of his death at age 59. Surely too young. The early books were less polished, but his middle books were just brilliant. The last few started getting formulaic, but were still gripping.

I’ve always been amazed as the places he’s lived in, and the detailed research he did for each book. I learned more about the Tuaregs from Flyaway than anywhere else. And what about the electronic device that did nothing? Hee.