yoga me

She took me to yoga class today, she’d taken it up recently and already she is singing its praises. I’m not at first glance someone that does yoga, but I went along. It was good, the session wasn’t as tough as I thought and the instructor had a nice and relaxing voice.

Some stupid woman in the locker room pissed me off by shoving her way to the locker I was still using, that ruined all the relaxation that I gained from the session.

We went for a haircut afterwards, then sushi dinner. Relaxing. My hairdresser took half my hair off so it’s less thick and feels lighter now. Funny thing is he commented that my hair is becoming more curly. I mean, curly? Huh? I’ve always had straight hair and usually it’s not long enough to be curly. Hmm.

I washed my hair 3 times today — at the yoga place, at the hairdresser’s and then at home. It’s very clean now.