more than forty winks

I seem to have spent most of the last 24 hours sleeping. We were watching a film in bed last night but I barely had the energy to stay awake and I gave up halfway through.

Woke up today at almost 1pm, had lunch then we went back to the bedroom to watch more tv. Well, she watched tv and I slept. I know I woke up a few times but never more than a few seconds a time. When I really woke up again it was 6.30pm. So yeah, I spent most of today asleep. Poor mm, we don’t spend enough time together and I ignore her on a sunday. Sigh.

How much sleep do I need? When I was young, I slept a lot. Weekends until noon is not uncommon — the most was until 4pm, and I went to bed at normal hours that night with no insomnia. I feel tired all the time, I stay up until ridiculous hours, I guess eventually I’ll need a day to catch up. Just like tonight, I don’t think I’ll have problems sleeping, I’m still feeling groggy.