singapore walk

One of the things we wanted to do on my trip was to visit the Treetop walk.

My colleague took me to the hawker stalls at Parkway Parade for an early lunch. I had my favourite yong tau fu, which I’ve missed. Then we met another friend (my old friend CC) at United Square and took the taxi to MacRitchie reservoir. The hike to the Treetop walk was about 2 hours, going along the reservoir and the golf course. Very pleasant, not difficult at all. The last part, walking uphill to the start of the bridge was tougher, but only because we’d been hiking for 2 hrs. Should have brought a little more water, but luckily there was a ranger station with water fountains.

The walkway is one-way only, and the view is very pretty. Not a very hot day, and there was a breeze at the top. We enjoyed it a lot.

Tired at the end, we were glad we went another way, didn’t want another 2 hrs back to our starting point. There was a taxi at the end of the hike, as if by magic. We piled on and went back to United Square for food and drinks.

Dinner was at Long Beach at East Coast Seafood Centre. We had chilli crabs (of course!), steamed bamboo clams and deep fried mini-cuttlefish. A jug of beer. Nice stuff.

I borrowed my colleague’s son’s Three Investigators to read before bed. Ah, the memories.