I’m back … in Singapore. Last minute business trip. My counterpart emailed me last week and she was like “so, are you coming next week?” and I was like “huh?” But then it got organised quickly and here I am.

Haven’t been back for a business trip for 18 months. Incredible isn’t it? Staying at the Marina Mandarin, which has undergone some renovations since last time. Pretty much a facelift, not a complete overhaul. The beds and wall-coverings are different, they got rid of the impossible to operate shower controls, but the tiles are unchanged and neither is the other furniture like cabinets.

I was a little disorientated walking around Marina Square, since it too has gone through renovations. New shops and new layout. Almost couldn’t remember how to get to the office. 🙂

Bought green tea at 7-eleven and curry puff for dinner. Going to the new office tomorrow, should be interesting.