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When I was in Chicago, Gram showed me how to make her version of stuffed cabbage, which was basically cabbage lasagna. I adapted it further last weekend, and mine ended up even more like lasagna.

Stuffed cabbage

Blanch half a head of cabbage until soft, then line the bottom of a baking dish.
Cook rice — I used brown rice. Let to cool, then combine with minced beef. Season and spoon half onto cabbage leaves.
Combine 1 can chopped tomato with 1 can tomato soup, diluted with half a can water. Add to filling.
Line more cabbage on filling.
Spoon over rest of filling and sauce, leaving some sauce for topping.
Add top layer of cabbage, then rest of sauce.
Bake in oven for about 1 hour at 180°C, first cover with foil then remove the foil for the last 15 minutes of cooking.

Another new recipe is chicken & spinach with pasta. I had some squid ink pasta opened so I used that, though I should have used normal pasta.

Chicken & spinach with pasta

Dice 2 skinned, deboned chicken leg, or 3-4 deboned chicken thighs.
Sauté until brown, season. Squeeze a little lemon juice on top.
Add frozen spinach and cook till done.
Add 1 tsp pesto, plus some of the pasta cooking water.
Add pasta and toss in pan.