salmon stack

I made that salmon and avocado with crispy potato tuiles that I was talking about. Except I didn’t have a bunch of ingredients. Didn’t have sashimi grade fish, didn’t have mirin. So as usual I made some adjustments.

First I made a mango & avocado salsa by finely dicing a small mango, half an avocado, half a red pepper, 1 tomato and a small chunk of cucumber. Squeezed the juice of a lime, seasoned and added a splash of EVOO.

Made the potato tuiles by mashing 1 potato, added 1 egg white whisked to soft peaks, about 40g plain flour and a large knob of melted butter. Spoon half a spoonful of the dough thinly over a baking tray, spread using a knife and baked at 200°C for about 15 minutes. I think my oven is too hot, may be I should reduce the temperature next time. These tuiles taste fantastic out of the oven, I couldn’t stop eating them. Once cooled they start getting soft though.

I started layering. Okay yes I have those food ring thingies. Bottom layer is the salsa, then some smoked salmon that had been marinading in lime juice for about 5 minutes. One tuile, then more salsa, another layer of salmon and topped with a couple of tuiles. Spoon more of the salsa around, sprinkle pepper.

I should really have made a proper dressing, but I didn’t bother. Also, next time I may try pickling the cucumber or adding some herbs to the salsa. Traditional mango salsa will have coriander and/or chili but I don’t like either. May be some basil or mint.