big trip day 04

Arriving at Fort Worth

We made lots of brief stops and at one point we slept for 1.5 hours at a rest area. It was great to see the “Welcome to Texas” sign. By then it was light and the miles seemed to just fly past. Texas did seem to be bigger in every way although it could be my imagination. Before I forget, here’s our rental car.


We got to Fort Worth mid morning. First stop was at Texas Christian University (TCU) where Car went to college. Wow. Big, beautiful campus. And everything in purple!

We hadn’t booked a hotel before arriving, because Fort Worth isn’t a huge tourist town we thought it’d be easy to get a hotel. After some online help we checked into the Holiday Inn Express near Bryant Irvin. Nice room, nothing fancy but functional and comfortable.

Had a late lunch at Waco, about 1.5 hour from Fort Worth. Car, db and I arranged to meet our friend JSI from Austin and Waco was halfway between the two cities. Nice lunch and it was great to meet friends in person. We chatted long and talked about everything and anything. I had chicken fried steak (no chicken in sight!) topped with gravy (which is more like a white sauce), mashed potato and green beans. I also took a picture of some fried chicken strips.

tx003steak tx004chicken

The drive back to Fort Worth was uneventful. We were early, so we stopped by a Target for a little while. The plan for dinner was another family affair. db’s brother invited us to his house where he grilled steaks and courgettes. For starters he fried sliced plantains topped with provolone cheese. Dessert was pie that db made. All very yummy.

Unfortunately I was very tired from all the travelling I’d done since Thursday. I was fading, falling asleep while sitting. A walk around the area helped, but soon I was asleep again.

We went back to the hotel soon after dinner. After a quick shower I climbed into bed — the first time sleeping in a bed since Wednesday night! Fell asleep straightaway.