big trip day 05

Fort Worth

After over 9 hours’ sleep I felt almost human, although my first words were, “I can sleep for another 8 hours.” Hee hee. Breakfast was included and served in the lobby — simple stuff like bagels, omelette, yogurt, juice and the like. Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy.

We spent the morning exploring TCU extensively. It really was a very pretty campus, with impressive buildings and pleasant atmosphere. Top of the list for visiting was the bookstore. It was actually just a portakabin, since the old one had burned down while being renovated. Bought a couple of shirts, in purple no less — the university’s colours. Everything was in purple, from logos to street signs to courtesy bikes.

tx010tcu tx030tcu tx040tcu

There was a lot of construction on the site, they were building new dorms and offices — showed how well the school was doing. Car was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide. db had invited her 7 year old niece to join us and together we all had a great time.

Lunch was at Mama’s Pizza which according to Car was the reason for the entire trip. I must admit the cheese sticks were particularly scrumptious. When I first heard of cheese sticks I thought they were thin crispy ones we normally have at Italian restaurants. Oh but no. Mama’s cheese sticks were a small pizza base, flavoured with garlic and topped with melted cheese. Yes, delicious.

Our original plan was to visit the Amon Carter museum but gasp it was closed. So plan B was a visit to the Stockyards. There was a lot to see! Cowboys, shops, museums and we managed to catch a cattle drive. Okay, it was kinda boring — the steers looked like they had just woken up and were lumbering along the road slowly.

tx070stock tx079stock tx092steers

There were more to see but a thunderstorm was approaching so we decided to head back to our hotel. For dinner we met db’s brother’s family at Babe’s for southern fried chicken. Yes, that was a huge mountain of chicken. It came with mashed potato, corn, green beans, biscuits (like scone) and gravy.


We took a short walk along the small town high street and enjoyed the sunset. I was less tired, but still a little. Heading towards DC tomorrow. Oh look, pretty sunset.