big trip day 20


Flight was about 30 mins late, arrived at 6.55am. It was very foggy, I thought when the plane approached that we were going through clouds, when all of a sudden we landed. Immigration and customs were straightforward. I emerged to the meeting area with lots of people asking if I wanted taxi when I felt a tug on my backpack. Heh, lots of people do that. It was K — she had kindly come to pick me up.

The drive to her home was at first foggy, then we went through a tunnel and came out to fine weather. Santiago felt like a European city. I was car watching and there were many smaller European cars — Peugeots, Renaults, Golfs and Polos. K’s car is a Clio — that brings back memories of when mm was learning how to drive. 🙂 Not so much mm driving, people are quite aggressive and there’s a lot of weaving in and out.

K&P’s apartment is beautiful. Magnificent view and a kitchen to die for. We had breakfast (I had cereal) and I took a nap cos I was tired. Then lunch of pasta and creamed avocados — lovely lovely. It seems like the first few hours in Chile and all I’m doing is eat and sleep. Hee.

Then we went to the shopping mall and I exchanged some money. The FX rate is approx 500 pesos for US$1. Back to her home and I re-packed, played on the internet for a while.

Dinner was a huge Argentinian slab of steak grilled on the balcony. It was very nice, I think the first time I’ve tried Argentinian steak. The whole apartment got smoked but it didn’t matter.

stg001steak stg002steak stg003steak

I’m in Chile. Wow.