I’m on an upgrade kick. I downloaded MT4.0 beta, and then realised I had to upgrade to 3.35 first before attempting the upgrade to 4.0. Reason is that there were so many new features in version 3 that it’s probably safer, to make sure everything works.

Spent most of the afternoon doing it, but kept on getting 500 errors.

Turns out, it had to do with my database. Before I did the upgrade, I backed up everything — the website to the mbp and exported the database. My host recommended upgrading from mysql 4 to 5, so I followed the instructions.

Then I had to change mt.cfg so it points to the new database. I changed DBname and DBhost to the new values. Kept the user and password the same. Didn’t work. Hey, I’m no DBA alright! I posted a ticket to suresupport and got an answer back within 15 mins. This is what I needed to do.

In mt.cfg change from

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database invisibleDB
DBUser [username]
# DBHost localhost


ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database invisibl_mtDB
DBUser [username]
DBHost localhost
DBSocket /tmp/mysql5.sock

The password is in mt-db-pass.cgi, so it didn’t need to be changed.

Works now.