mt 3.35 upgrade

Done it. Thanks Elise.

Deleted everything I did yesterday in terms of upgrading.

Create new MT folders
Renamed the final 2.661 mt folder to mt 2.661. Copied 3.35 folder and renamed it mt. This means none of the old files are in the new folder. MT suggests that we overwrite new files into the existing folder — this is confusing, as there is a potential for old files and scripts to stay in the folder.

Renamed existing mt-static file to mt-static 2.661. Copied 3.35 mt-static to the root directory (it must be outside cgi-bin).

Configure setup script
Duplicated mt-config.cgi-original and renamed it mt-config.cgi. Made changes to database parameters. In 3.35 there is no longer mt-db-pass.cgi, the password is in the config.

ObjectDriver DBI::mysql
Database invisibl_mtDB
DBUser [username]
DBPassword [password]
DBHost localhost
DBSocket /tmp/mysql5.sock

Scrolled through the 2.661 final cfg file and copied over custom commands.

#================ CUSTOM SETTINGS ==================
# These are copied over from the final 2.661 cfg file

CommentScript mt-cmts.cgi
TrackbackScript mt-tbk.cgi

DBUmask 0022
HTMLUmask 0022
UploadUmask 0022
DirUmask 0022

HTMLPerms 0775
UploadPerms 0775

The last two were really important. These directives set the permission for archives and pages generated. In the tutorial and default, it’s set at 644. But when I rebuilt the site (more later), I got a 500 error (top). Now that 500 error must be a server side error because I have my custom 500 error page (bottom). Which is what tweaked me to the fact that I needed to specify permissions.


Once the files were in place, I pointed the browser to the MT admin panel: and hey presto! It automatically detected the new installation. I clicked “Begin Upgrade” and it zipped through the process. There was just about enough time to do a couple of screenshots, and it was done.


I decided against dynamic publishing, so not so many additional customisations. All I did was to take out the dirify on uri names and switched to the new (well, new in MT3) basename naming convention. So now pemalinks have the format: /archives/yyyy/mm/dd/entrytitle.php.

Rebuilding was done blog by blog. It was quite harrowing, I deliberately left the 2 most important till last — pizzaorme and quiet thoughts — rebuilding my main journal with 900+entries was scary. There was too much there at risk.

New Look
And for posterity’s sake, the final 2.661 admin screen and the initial 3.35 admin screen.