beets and eggs

I read about beet pickled eggs in a story and how delicious they were, so I had to try making it. I had the egg with a salad of tomato, green pepper, avocado, beets from the pickling mix and some sweetcorn. It’s very nice.


It’s a simple recipe.

  • Hard boil 12 eggs and peel.
  • Drain off juices of canned beets — I used 1 can sliced and 1 jar of whole baby beets — no particular reason for the mix, just thought it’d be interesting.
  • Heat the juice up with 250ml cider vinegar and half the volume of sugar as the vinegar. Simmer for 15 mins.
  • Arrange eggs and beets in an airtight jar and pour hot liquid over them.
  • Leave in fridge at least overnight.

I actually didn’t quite have enough liquid so the eggs aren’t fully covered. The beets do the job of pickling I suppose. In any case, I made the batch on Sunday and I’ve had a few of the eggs now, it’s enough to transfer so one jar is completely full and I’ll finish off the other jar soon. The last picture shows the large jar today, so the batch is 3 days old. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to resist the temptation … I want to leave the eggs in the pickling mix at least 3 weeks to see how they taste like.

beeteggs01 beeteggs02 beeteggs03

I realise I’ve had all manners of “weird” eggs. The not so weird is Scotch eggs. Yum, I miss these. If only I can get decent sausage meat, Delia has a great recipe.

The weird-but-not-to-those-who-know is century eggs, aka thousand year old eggs. These are duck eggs preserved and pretty much fermented. Some posh chinese restaurants serve them as hors d’oeuvre with pickled ginger; normally they’re used in congee. Distinctive black/brown colouring, cheesy smell and soft texture. Pretty nice, actually.

The truly weird are iron eggs from Taiwan. These are sold as street snacks and involve boiling in soy sauce for hours and hours until the eggs have shrunk and become hard … hence the iron. Actually they taste more rubbery than metallic.

photo courtesy chotda@flickr
photo courtesy wikipedia
iron eggs
photo courtesy Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan