simpleviewer prototype page

After yesterday’s musings, I made a prototype page for the gallery using simpleviewer and flickrviewer.

  1. download SimpleViewer
  2. download flickrviewer
  3. get flickr api key
  4. configure api key — the instructions are supposed to be simple but proved to be more fiddly than I thought
    • make a note of the key and the shared secret key
    • click “edit key details”
    • enter details of the application — I put simpleviewer and flickrviewer
    • under callback url enter the location of the simpleviewer application:
    • create a login link in the format:[api_key]&perms=[perms]&api_sig=[api_sig]
      [api_key] is my api key
      [perms] can be read, write or delete — write includes read and delete includes r/w
      [api_sig] is the md5 sum of [secret]api_key[api_key]perms[perms], meaning if [secret]=123 and [api_key]=999 and I set write permissions I get 123apikey999permswrite. A simple online tool converts to md5: 3062e84e9b0014d31c5ee946ef4283a9
      my login link is:
    • enter the login link in the browser and flickr will ask me to grant permission for simpleviewer to access my flickr folders
  5. in Dreamweaver or a text editor edit flickrviewer.php according to instructions in the file
  6. ftp to server
  7. point browser to gallery location
  8. clear cache if necessary

This displays all the pictures in my favourites flickr set. Full screen shot to see the location of the flash viewer.

gallery with flickrviewer