favicon in bloglines feeds


I have about 30-odd feeds on bloglines, which is around average. According to their faq the average is more than 20 (I wonder how more than a certain number can be considered as average). I subscribe to quiet thoughts and pizzaorme — so I can be notified if there’s a comment on my website; and to keep track of mm. 🙂

What’s always been a niggling annoyance is that my favicon doesn’t appear in either feed. I’ve noticed more and more of my feeds getting their favicon “noticed” by bloglines, but it’s been at least 2 years and mine is still blank. I know it’s probably cos the favicon is in the root directory whereas the feeds are in their own folders.

Googling pointed me to a couple of forums but the answer seems to be “email bloglines with your url”. Not satisfactory, and I imagine not bloglines’ preferred method.

It was easy when I found it. I need to Claim my urls first, by going to my profile and clicking on Publisher Tools. I entered the site url and it found the 3 feeds: rdf, xml, atom. I then needed to do 2 things to prove my ownership:

  1. make a new post with a code they gave me
  2. add a code to the index template

Clicking on Verify and it confirmed that I managed to claim 2 out of the 3 feeds. For some reason the rdf feed didn’t authenticate, probably because it’s old. I subscribe to the xml one anyway, so it was fine.

Once verified, I returned to the Publisher Tools page and there was an Edit link next to each feed url. I was then able to specify the location of the favicon in the edit menu.

I wonder why this isn’t in the Help section, or at least more obvious.