a rare rant about stereotypes

cover cabride

This was the cover of the local weekly freebie magazine. Alright, you say. It’s a free magazine what do you expect, you ask. But this is supposed to be a hip magazine, I counter. It lists the newest restaurants, bars and indie films. It syndicates Dan Savage, for crying out loud.

And yet, it had an article this week that talked about how there are more women than men, and how as a woman’s success (and with it implied intelligence and wealth) increases, her chances of catching a man decreases.

Oh, lordy.

How incredibly sexist. How incredibly heterosexual.

As an example of how modern women think, the authors of the article paraded out several women, including a fortysomething media consultant who said,

It’s a matter of sophistication and higher expectations … Women are attracted by the whole lifestyle — expensive dinners on holidays and birthdays, a nicer apartment. Emotionally, women also expect more, and material things are symbols of more.

Talk about shallow. If this sort of sugar daddy worship is the best representation of this generation of high achieving career women, then I truly live in fear. Sophisticated blah! Ms Media Consultant knows nothing but her comfort zone and traditional thoughts. She’d march in Pride cos she likes the pretty rainbow colours but as soon as she hears what Pride is about, she’ll hightail out of town faster than lightning.

My objection is that there’s the fundamental assumption that people need to be in some sort of coupledom. Now may be it’s my own experience but being in a relationship, while nice, isn’t the be all and end all of anything. Despite all the romances I’ve read lately, it’s not enough to convince me that such deep emotional connection can be maintained over any length of time. Proponents speak of affection and companionship; again I’ll say nice but not sufficient to sustain the investment needed.

Okay, that was kinda extreme. I’m not against relationships because that would make me a huge hyprocrite, and not fair to mm. This is the wrong place to talk about bbmm though. But it brings me neatly to my next objection of the article, which is it always a heterosexual stereotype? Why does a woman always looking for a man exclusively? Where is the tolerance? Where is the open mind?

This is maddening. I give up. I’m gonna stick to writing about macs, iPhones and posting pictures of food.