I added an about page. The thing about about pages is that, it’s really only useful if you want people to know about you. To strike a balance between revealing too much and being entirely obscure is the trick, and I’m sure I was borderline successful only.

I wanted to include the about page on the main index of the about section. The options were: take it outside of mt and handcode index.php with an include to the mt generated parts; I could post date it so it always appear at the top; I could do some complicated include / exclude with categories; I could hardcode it into the main index template; or I could do it the easy way.

  1. create it as a page
  2. note down its page id — in manage pages hover on the title and it gave me id=1976
  3. create a module called “about” that has the same tags as the page detail module, with one addition: wrap the whole thing in a mtpages tag:

    <mt:pages id=”1976”>
    <div id=”page-<$MTPageID$>” class=”page-asset asset”>
    <div class=”asset-header”>
    <h1 class=”asset-name”><$MTPageTitle$></h1>
    <div class=”asset-content”>
    <MTIfNonEmpty tag=”PageBody”>
    <div class=”asset-body”>
    <MTIfNonEmpty tag=”PageMore” convert_breaks=”0”>
    <div id=”more” class=”asset-more”>

    I could have scrubbed the page detail code more, but I left it as default.

  4. in the main index call the module using mtinclude
  5. save and rebuild

The second part of the index page is the latest 25 squares. I have to think of a better way of integrating the two and making it flow better.