airports I’ve been stuck in

Chicago O’Hare — June 2006. On my way to Newark. Late arrival of crew, who were on a late inbound plane. It was funny, on the way to New York the captain was telling us about how she had the same turbulence on the way into Chicago.

Chicago O’Hare — July 2006. On my way to La Guardia, even got on the plane and waiting for push off. Except LGA was closed because of the heat. Spent the best part of the day at ORD, got on an American flight to JFK at the end. Missed my onward flight but luckily it was C-class so got re-booked on a later flight.

San Francisco — Sept 2006. On my way to meet Car’s family in Las Vegas. Plane was delayed coming in from LAS because of mechanical problem. Flights after that one came and went, I didn’t get to Vegas till after midnight.

New York JFK — June 2007. Came in on a 15 hour flight already. Found out my connecting flight was delayed; then cancelled. Apparently the whole east coast was backed up because of bad weather (“what bad weather? it’s so sunny outside!”). Spent the night sleeping on the floor behind a vending machine. Was on standby in the morning and couldn’t get on any of the fully booked holiday flights. Ended up driving to Chicago.

Yes. All US airports. Every time a domestic flight.