grilled kangaroo steak


I bought a pack of frozen kangaroo sirloin steak at Melbourne airport. They packaged it in an insulating box and it survived the flight remarkably well.

It’s a red meat. In raw form it’s darker than beef though not as dark as venison. Looked very lean, which seems to be the case. Though labelled sirloin, the pieces looked more like fillet with their cylindrical shape.

All I did was grill them like normal beef steak. Season with pepper and sear at high heat. When almost ready to turn, salt the uncooked side then turn over. Season again. Turn the heat down to medium and use the same softness test as usual steak. I sliced it up and served it over a bed of green salad, tomato and mango — just cos that was what I had in the fridge.

I don’t know whether it’s the quality of the meat, that I didn’t salt till I was ready to turn it over, or that I let it rest properly but the juices held and it sure was tasty. It had more texture than beef and wasn’t tough. I really liked how it had bite. A little game-y but not overpowering like venison or even ostrich. I wish it’s more widely available.