yogurt cheese


The yogurt cheese I made on Christmas Day came out perfect. What is yogurt cheese? It’s yogurt that has its liquid removed so it has the texture of cream cheese, but none of the high fat content. Most recipes make yogurt cheese by straining it in a colander with cheesecloth or, creatively, coffee filter. What I found was a piece of damp kitchen towel worked just as well. I covered the mixture with another kitchen towel and left it alone in the fridge overnight.


The end result was really fantastic, so thick that it didn’t fall off the spoon. I used greek styled yogurt this time so it was extra creamy. It’s a great substitute for cream cheese — good for toppings or mixed with herbs and spread on a bagel. I used it as a topping for some strawberries and added a tiny drizzle of honey for final effect.

Next time I’ll make more and then make a cheesecake. I think it’ll be quite special.