beef and guinness casserole


I was watching Nigella Feasts this weekend and she was making Comforting Beef Casserole which is basically beef and guinness stew. I thought I’d try it myself.

We don’t get chuck or skirt steak here, at least not in the small supermarkets. There was rump steak which was too expensive. There was something better though, packets of the most lovely marbled diced beef. I didn’t have allspice so I marinated it with salt, pepper and mixed spice.

So I browned the beef with garlic and shallots in my heavy pot. Look at the nice marbling again. I removed the beef and threw in diced carrots and celery, leaving them cooking for a few minutes. Then I returned the beef to the pot.

beefstew01 beefstew02

The cooking liquid was water and about 250ml Guinness. Seasoned more, added a few bay leaves and I left the casserole simmering on low heat with the lid on for 2.5hrs. About 10 mins before the end, I threw in some haricot beans just because they were on sale today.

Like Nigella, I served the casserole on top of a double potato mash which was regular potatoes and orange sweet potatoes mashed together. She’s right, it’s less sweet than just sweet potato, and definitely a much comforting food for a cold(ish) wintery day.