full (in 3 parts)

  1. Full of food
    My stomach is full to its limit. We spent 9 straight days eating anything and everything we wanted. Thankfully since it’s Japanese food mostly it’s low on red meat and high on seafood and vegetables. Still, I can’t help feeling bloated after quite a few of those meals. By the time it got to Saturday and Sunday I was subconsciously staying away from snacks, and I found that the trousers I had on at the beginning of our trip felt just that little bit tighter. Sigh.

  2. Full of images
    We took both my cameras. I had the 350D and mm had the S550. I went through 2 CF cards (total ~3GB) and mm through almost the entire 4GB SDHC card. We ended up with over 1,500 pictures.

Whenever we stopped for a shot potentially there’d be half a dozen pictures all at slightly different angles. mm tends to take 3 identical ones, probably cos of her conservative / safe nature. It’s a lot of work to sort through these and rename them. I can understand for occasion shots to get duplicates, but every.single.one? Sigh.

  1. Full of clothes
    I’ve done 3 loads of laundry already. I took too many clothes, thinking it’d be cooler than it was, and forgot that Japanese hotels generally provide yukatas.

I can’t seem to accept the idea of wearing a shirt multiple days running. I need new shirts every day, this adds to the laundry load.