nano day 1


I didn’t start writing at midnight even though i went to bed at 1am. I was really tired, very very hungry (didn’t eat anything after my run) and truth be told, i forgot about nano.

I seem to be doing a few unthinkable things lately.

I woke up at 4.30am, and I remembered then. After going through my routines — google reader, check email, facebook — I made a start on my 2008 novel. This year’s novel is a mystery/psychological thriller type.

I wrote sporadically for a couple of hours, then got tired enough to go back to bed. Woke up eventually at 10am and wrote some more. Got to 1,000 words before lunch. Took a break for running and shower, then had to rush out cos I was meeting mm.

I knew 5,000 words is too ambitious for me in my current weakened state. Anyway, I’d outlined 25 chapters, so as long as I get one chapter done a day, and 2,000 words per chapter, I’m on target. I need to shower and go to bed soon, so I’ll just finish today with one chapter.

2,208 words.