nano day 15


I woke up at 7.15am, even before my normal wake up time. It’s very annoying, this stupid waking up at weekday hours on a weekend. I did see an opportunity to spend lots of time in writing though. As usual I was distracted, but I made myself focus. Chapters 19 and 20 are long, with many sections. Easier to write when it’s broken down.

I got to 50k by 11.30am. The rest of the day was spent reading, bumming around online and mid-afternoon nap. No running, rest day today.

Initially i figured the story will be 70k words. I’ve kinda condensed the last few chapters so it looks like just 1 or may be 2 more chapters. I’d be lucky if the whole story comes in at 60k.

But hey, another nano won. 50,277 words