#58(4) new dish: braised lamb shank with roasted root vegetable and couscous


This is a simply recipes recipe. I spotted lamb shanks at the supermarket, and decided that this cold weekend would be the perfect opportunity to make it. In steps:

  1. wash, trim lamb then season with s&p and coat lightly with flour
  2. brown in garlic and onion
  3. remove from pan, then add dice carrots and celery. optional is to add leeks, but i don’t like leeks

lambshank03 lambshank05

  1. return the lamb to the pot, add chicken stock, canned tomato and fresh rosemary
  2. simmer for 2.5-3hours until tender
  3. meanwhile dice carrots, parsnips and swede, toss in olive oil and season, roast for 1 hour

swede04 lambshank07

  1. make couscous according to packet instructions
  2. build the dish: couscous at the bottom
  3. then roasted vegetables
  4. stack with whole lamb shank
  5. drizzle sauce, then sprinkle pepper and rosemary