#59(7) mushroom risotto


I’ve always thought risotto is difficult to make, at least perfect. I knew I’d have to try to make it one day, and with the mushrooms I bought at the farmer’s market early this week, it’s a good opportunity. This recipe is inspired by, no surprise, Elise, with modifications. And I didn’t measure.

  1. sauté mushrooms with butter, garlic and cream; set aside
  2. meanwhile, heat up a carton vegetable stock to simmering point
  3. melt butter in heavy pan, add arborio rice
  4. slowly, add stock one ladle at a time, stir until completely absorbed before adding next ladle
  5. when all liquid is absorbed and rice cooked, add mushroom mixture
  6. season, serve with shavings of pecorino (or parmesan)

The verdict — it was scrumptious!!! I can’t stop eating it. It’s like congee made with cream of mushroom soup. The cream and mushroom flavours really came through. And the rice wasn’t hard to make. All I needed to do was focus on what was going on in the pan and not multi-task. The actually cooking of the rice took about 20mins. Can’t wait till I make it again.