#60: vegetarian week

butternutapplebake stuffedpepper03

I’m very happy I set myself this goal. I’m not vegetarian, but in the end it was super easy to be a vegetarian for a week. I didn’t miss meat at all and didn’t feel like any of the food was a compromise. Of course it was made easier because I had control over what I cooked and ate. So, a representation of what I ate this week:

  • butternut squash and apple bake, with chickpeas and cranberries
  • red bell peppers stuffed with tomato and mozarella
  • pasta with brie and tomato
  • mushroom & asparagus bread pudding
  • normal salads with spinach, peppers, tomato and regular ingredients
  • cheese pizza — from beggar’s on friday, we also had sausage pizza and I wasn’t even tempted