christmas good

I talked to Mum for about an hour last night, nothing much, just telling her about the snow, ice, work. And the veggie bread pudding and pork soup I made. It’s good to talk.

mm was out with her family, so we didn’t get much of a chance to talk. She called me later after my midnight, but not for long cos she was on the street. She’ll be away the rest of the weekend so we’ll talk again during the work week. I talk to her more now, it’s good.

Christmas day was spent visiting at Car’s family. We went over to her aunt’s house yesterday for a big dinner, and again today after mass for another big dinner. Today’s menu was meatballs and lasagna. It’s a change for me, but very welcome. The food and company were good. I ended up playing a bit with the kids. And yes, I’m a whole lot older than them but in terms of mental age and size, not that much different. Heehee.