2010 targets

I’m not setting resolutions because I think the phrase “new year resolutions” gets associated too much with well-intentioned failures. Too often, people want to change for the better, but make the changes too drastically or without sufficient planning or set the bar too high. Resolutions also get associated with giving up certain things, usually “unhealthy” stuff like butter or cream cakes. That’s my problem, giving up is so negative, it shouldn’t be giving up full fat milk, but rather gaining a taste for skim milk.

Anyway these are my goals for 2010. Yes, the initial reaction is probably “is that it?” since they are not much different from the monthly goals I set regularly. But that’s the point! Goals and targets, and alright — resolutions — should be practical and achievable.


  • 12 races
  • 1000km (620 miles) total
  • 5k PR
  • 10k PR
  • distance PR
  • finish nrolw

  • more vegetarian weeks
  • eat out more — this may seem odd but I’ve decided that I should live a little more often

  • finish at least one of the three planned manuscripts
  • 3 short stories