best of 2009

I took 1,546 photographs in 2009, or rather, uploaded that many to flickr. Actual taken is probably 5 times that, with the rest deleted. Here’s my top 10 favourite, in no particular order.

  1. acupunture jelly blue — my 2 year old acupuncture shoes, taken with the lomo app on the iphone in my office. There’s something interesting about the colours that the lomo gives, it’s really quite fetching
  2. thunderbirds at the chicago air and water show — it was a miserably rainy day, the jets were very fast and I didn’t have a long lens. I had to do some extensive photoshopping to make the sky look decently interesting
  3. empty room at the ellis island museum — only slightly photoshopped, the original colours and (lack of) sharpness were retained
  4. kettle at lin heung restaurant — this is one of the last remaining traditional restaurants, and the geriatric waiters fill up customers’ tea pots using these kettles
  5. bowling pins at the antique shop on clark — more about its location than the actual photo
  6. cape cod cemetery — I got so many nice pics on that day, this one stood out because of the angle and the moss on the tombstone
  7. milford cemetery — it was the perfect time, perfect location and perfect weather
  8. little girl at market days — it was crowded, and loud, and a faux-abba band was on, but this girl was enjoying herself so much
  9. amber benson — this is definitely the case of the subject being a favourite rather than the pic itself
  10. mushroom and asparagus bread pudding — I had to include a food pic, and this one is for the staging and lightbox, as well as how delicious it tasted