google chrome

Talking about google, I’ve been using google chrome on the netbook and at work. The official work browser is still IE6 (yuck) so for personal stuff I use another browser. It used to be firefox, now I use both.

I really like chrome. It’s fast and uncluttered. The thumbnail page of recently visited pages is brilliant, as is the search directly at the address bar, which google calls omnibar. It’s already overtaken safari in certain browser market share measurements. When it gets more plugins, most importantly ad-block plus and I’m sure Gina will make some Better google extensions, I’ll make it the default browser on the netbook.

Unfortunately it’s only available for 10.5 and later, so I’ll stick with firefox on the mbp. Reminds me of the old days of firefox 1.0 when I was on system 9 on the pb2 and couldn’t use it. Man, I was using netscape then. How far and fast browsers have come in just a few years.