braised beef short ribs


This is from simply recipes though to be honest it’s a standard braising recipe that I’ve used time and time again. The 2 new things are: short ribs, which I’ve never done before and reducing the sauce till it’s very thick.

  1. brown ribs (no oil needed, it’s already fat enough), remove from pan
  2. remove excess oil, sweat mirepoix until soft
  3. add 1 bottle wine, reduce to 1/3 original volume and almost syrupy
  4. return ribs to pan, add chicken stock until ribs are almost covered — recipe says veal or beef stock, neither of which I have
  5. braise at 180°C for 3hrs until meat is falling off bones
  6. leave overnight — normally it’d be in the fridge, I did one better and left it on my balcony with its 4” of snow
  7. remove fat layer (there’s a lot of it), reheat making sure ribs are well glazed