weekend plans

It’s a long weekend this week, Monday is Martin Luther King Day. Plans, plans, plans.

I want to go skiing. Yes, there is skiing around Chicago. The nearest is four lakes at Lisle, only 35mins drive away. Okay, it’s not Flumserberg, more like a man-made hill, but it’s so near that it’s worth checking out.

I want to make braised turkey legs, another winter stew that sounds tasty and is economical. I also want to do some baking. Either a repeat of the chocolate quinoa cake I made a couple of weeks ago, or blueberry muffins.

I want to go get some quinoa to bring back to my parents and sis. Coincidentally I read that cb2 at lincoln will be closing, although they are keeping their North Ave shop. It’s decided then, gonna hit Trader Joe’s.