two cheeseburgers


I had 2 cheeseburgers today and they couldn’t have been more different. The first was at the ski slope (yeah, I was at wilmot mountain again, it was damn foggy but fun), the type of cheeseburger you get at a self-service fast food type of place. It tasted of unidentified meat and artificial cheese. But I’d been skiing for 2 hours on just a bowl of oatmeal and I was hungry — it was what I needed then.

The second cheeseburger was a pretty standard portobello mushroom cheeseburger that I made at home. There are plenty of recipes, including this recent one at the new york times. I marinaded the portobello in balsamic, olive oil, garlic and s&p for 15 mins, then sautéed it in a frying pan. Topped with a couple of slices of mozzarella and on a bed of cooked spinach in a bun. It was brilliant. Didn’t miss the meat at all.