new number

A stupid, annoying number has been calling my iphone 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks, always at the same times. Silence when I pick up, and unreachable when I try to call back. I think it’s a fax or modem or something automatic that got programmed wrong. Finally I couldn’t stand it and I called at&t. The rep and I tried to think of possible solutions. There is a blocking plan but it costs $5 a month. Finally I said, why don’t I just change the number. Seeing that only 6 people have my iphone number, it’s no big deal.

In any case, I’m switching to my google voice number so I can have better control. I can block numbers in gvoice, as well as get notifications inside gmail. I’ve been juggling multiple numbers for a while, I seem to have gathered a horde of them:

  • iphone — secret number only 6 people know
  • google voice — “public” number
  • pre-paid plan I use for the nokia — disposable number for services etc
  • office
  • blackberry

Ironic, since I never answer if I don’t recognise the caller and the only people I call are my parents and mm. Looking at my account, I’ve used up all of 9 mins this month. Shock.