happy, er, wednesday to me


I woke up at normal time, sigh. Must be getting old—oh wait, I did get older today. Double sigh.

Waited for mm to call all morning. A little unhappy that she didn’t till I emailed her on the bb, she was busy. But I couldn’t stay unhappy for long, could I? Spent the whole morning making croquembouche (see previous post). Why did I want mascarpone yesterday? To make mascarpone cream to use as filling of course. Well, the normal cream worked. I added a little icing sugar so it didn’t just taste of cream.

Lunch was portabello mushroom and vegetarian burger. Went running in the afternoon. Down to the flag at Montrose and back up to the roundabout. Total 11k. It started raining the last 2k, glad I had a cap. It turned into a downpour once I got home, I was lucky.

Did laundry and made dinner of surf and turf — sirloin steak, grilled prawns, vegetables. I opened a bottle of cranberry red I got from truro vineyards at cape cod last year. Started watching a dvd, then gave up cos I needed to deal with the pics.

There was a running joke on my fb status about how I didn’t broadcast my birthday and people weren’t sure whether to acknowledge it or not. I really liked the idea of subtly referring to it but not actually naming it. Kind of “i know you know” game. Fun.