What does “BQ” mean to me? Before, it’d be B&Q for DIY stuff (UK equivalent of Home Depot, for non-Brits). The last few years it’s the beauty queens from TAR.

But now, it easily means boston qualifying. Even though some say it’s gotten too big, the Boston Marathon is still probably the world’s most prestigious marathon.

The marathon was today, and it was won by Robert Cheruiyot in 2:05:52 and Teyba Erkesso in 2:26:11. I was also moved by the wheelchair winners Wakako Tsuchida and Ernst Van Dyk.

To BQ is a holy grail of sorts for runners. For me, it’s so out of my reach that it’s not worth even thinking about. I’ll be lucky if I finish in 5:30 for Chicago so coming in under 4hrs? Yeah, right.