ravenswood 5k


Race #3 — ravenswood 5k

Weather cleared up to the point that I could just wear the race t-shirt. And my coat, which I gear checked. The sun even came out just as we were lining up at our corrals. Speaking of corrals, I started at the 9.30 corral, which is a tad ambitious. But in the 2 mins it took me to reach the start line, I decided I was too conservative. People were slow around me. I found myself in a position I’m not used to — overtaking people.

They closed the roads for the race — Hermitage, Irving Park, Paulina, Wilson. Quite a few people came outside their house to watch and support. I was comfortable, I bought a knee compression band yesterday which alleviated most of the pain. Plus it’s different in a race atmosphere. I’m also thinking the longer runs recently played their part in building endurance.

One of the best thing about this race was its location. 15mins bus ride away. I was home, showered and playing mafia wars by 9.30am. The organisers are efficient, chip time came in already. 29.53mins. I’m happy. Translates to 9.38min/mile so, well, I did pick the right corral after all. Placing:

  • overall: 1512/2529
  • gender: 570/1587
  • class: 28/102