random friday


It felt so muggy walking home that I nixed the running idea. Didn’t feel motivated enough to do weights either. I can’t quite understand all the people who work out every day and feel uneasy if they skipped a day.

I went to the supermarket and spent $50 on drinks.

Then of course there was a huge thunderstorm with big rain and lightning. It’s too warm to sit around, but not hot enough for the aircon.

Watched The Hangover. It’s okay, but I can’t see what the hooha was about.

The veggie burgers taste better overnight and microwaved. Still on the heavy side though.

It’s been a weird week. Sometimes I’m waiting for stuff to happen. Then it got busy as we were preparing for the meeting next week.

I’m all packed and checked in for the London trip. What? The “oooh, woe is me, all unprepared” earlier in the week is all a smokescreen.

I need a new iskin for the mbp keyboard. Actually I need a new mbp. I really wish Apple can make a mbp as thin as a mba. Hmm, may be I’ll get a mba too, wonder when it’s due for a refresh?

The pic is of some ducks. Christchurch, New Zealand 2005.